Here's How To Send Baked Goods Through The Mail

Now that the holidays are coming up, I can practically hear all the bakers getting their baking sheets and mixing bowls out, along with their little stash of notecards. Baked goods make fine gifts, and I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of baking being done this holiday. But how on earth are you supposed to ship baked goods through the mail?

Fear not, friends, for Eater has the perfect guide to you. The last thing you want, after sending baked goods, is to have flattened brownies or cookies that have been obliterated into powder. Eater has set some ground rules to ensure the safe arrival of your little baked tidings of joy.

First rule: The denser the good, the better it travels. Items like thick brownies, cookies, and gingerbread, tend to make the haul in better condition rather than something thin and brittle. You'll be out of luck with the thinner, lacier items like crisp cookies or pizzelles. Items that contain gooey, sticky stuff, like caramel, need to be packaged extra carefully so they don't get stuck together in transit. Dense crumb items like bundt cake should be okay, provided there's no delicate decorations on them that you'd be upset about getting crunched up.

Second rule: Consider shipping frozen! You won't necessarily need an insulated container. Wrap up the goods tightly, freeze them, then they can be shipped like that and they'll defrost as they go along, ensuring that they'll be in decent shape most of the way to their destination.

Third rule: Separate all strongly scented items. I can vouch for this, since I used to work at a dry ingredients company. We had to store herbs and spices in a separate warehouse from grains and such because the grains would absorb the strong smells. The flavors will intermingle, even through plastic, if they've been stored that way for a few days.

There's actually a plethora of information, including some more excellent suggestions, so bookmark this if you're sending baked gifts for the holidays. And while you're at it, want to send some to me, too?