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Kids Can Sail The Gravy Seas This Thanksgiving With Heinz

Grace and her gravy pirates are here to save you from dry turkey and conversation.

As a kid, Thanksgiving meant dressing up in an outfit my mom picked out, helping to prepare food all day long, sitting at the kids table and helping clean up after a big meal. Not the worst day, but also not in the top ways I would have enjoyed spending my break from school. To make Thanksgiving a little more fun for kids everywhere, some creative minds at Heinz Gravy came up with an adventure story to get them in the spirit.

Grace and the Gravy Pirates, Heinz's first-ever children's book, focuses on a young girl pirate and her friends who embark on a voyage to defeat all dry aspects of Thanksgiving, the brand says in a press release. Knowing gravy will not be in short supply on Thanksgiving, the group of gravy pirates go after dry foods, conversation, and "lack of fun family activities" while sailing along in a gravy boat. The creativity here is adorable. Rather than give the traditional (not to mention problematic) turkey, pilgrims, etc. story to kids, this book takes them on a fantastical food-focused adventure.

Grace and her gravy boat will also be featured in the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The book is already available to download for free as an eBook on Amazon. Readers and gravy-lovers can also enter to win a limited-edition print copy of the book and some "pirate treasure" by following the rules on the Heinz Twitter (@HeinzTweets) account or Instagram account (@heinz).

As a kid, I got all my imagination from reading books. I would have loved picturing myself sailing around in a huge gravy boat. Plus, having a good book to read after the big meal instead of sitting through hours of football sounds almost as good as a slice of pie and ice cream.