Yes, The Latest Guy Fieri Interview Includes A Discussion Of His Hair

Despite the pandemic, Guy Fieri's kept busy, whether it's making documentaries about how COVID-19 has been hurting the restaurant industry, helping with restaurant relief, or opening pop-ups under the name Flavortown Kitchen. He talked to USA Today about where he's at right now in his life and in his projects.


Let's start with the real news people want to know about: his hair. I haven't gotten my hair cut in years (though to be fair, this started before the pandemic), so it's already halfway down my back. The idea of getting it cut right now still feels like a bad idea, even though barbershops are partially open where I live in Chicago. USA Today asked Fieri if he had to bleach and cut his own hair during quarantine. Here's what he said:

This is my natural color – it's always been this way. (Laughs.) No, my wife, Lori, had to take up her barbering skills. And fortunately, one of my best friends owns a hair salon, so he was closed but I was able to coerce him over here. But we just had to get creative. Did I have some long hair days? Yeah.


And of course, we're all wondering where Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives is at, production-wise. Despite Fieri's antics in the kitchen, I still have a major soft spot for that show. He features the types of places I like to go when I travel: affordable but typically pretty homey and a good representation of local cooking. So, will it continue filming?

We had a little window in October or November that we shot in South Dakota and North Dakota, and we had never been there before (on "Triple D"). That was to finish out the continental United States, which was a huge milestone for us. We've been shooting this show for over 30 (seasons), and nearly 450 (episodes) and 1,500 locations. Now I have my eyes set on Puerto Rico, and we'll be doing Texas and Hawaii soon. So just everywhere. You know what I'm looking forward to? Highlighting and sharing (the message) with people, "Don't forget these restaurants are there. They may not look exactly the way they did, but they're there."

And just like any of us, Guy's been stuck at home cooking more too, though he's got a much bigger set of options than most of us when it comes to preparing a meal. After all, he's the Mayor of Flavortown.

As a chef, I'm always working on recipes. Did we make more pizza at home? Yes. Did we do more smoking meats and making jerky? Yes. We farmed a lot more – we have a big ranch, so we spent a lot of time cutting firewood and clearing brush. But we did spend more time cooking as a family. And boy, did my phone blow up. For some reason, my friends wanted to call for recipes.


If I had his number, I'd be calling him all the time. Not just for recipes, but maybe for advice on how I should do my hair next. He sounds as cheerful as always, so it's good to know that Guy Fieri is still holding it together during These Unprecedented Times.