Everyone Googled "Fries" And "Liquor Stores" Last Night

What did you eat last night? I had beer. Does beer count? Beer has calories.

I vowed not to cook yesterday, so I ate some leftover roasted chicken and potatoes, but it looks like you were all Googling the same stuff I would have been. The New York Post reports that the top searches "near me" were for fries and liquor stores (possibly misspelled as "liqour"), two things that I also search for when I am stressed beyond belief.

Sometimes looking at top Google searches is like staring into the reflection of your own soul.

The other top "near me" searches yield, in order, pizza, Chinese food, liquor stores, sushi, and Mexican food. If it were me, the liquor store query probably would have been my top search. My beer was nice and everything, but I really was using a shovel when I actually needed a bulldozer. Later I'd be googling "how to get out out of serious debt from delicious, delicious food delivery."

It wasn't all about food, though. Business Insider also reports that mental health searches went up quite a bit. After searches for "anxiety" and "breathing exercises" hit their peak in mid-October, "anxiety" broke its all-time high yesterday.

The Google Trends team, made out of actual human beings, reminded Twitter to check in on loved ones to make sure they were holding up okay.

It turns out some of us, when stressed, turn to the nearest liquor store, or comfort food. But apparently, when we're feeling lost, we can at least all commiserate on the fact that we're all searching for the same things on Google.