Score A Free Turkey This Thanksgiving

Multiple stores are giving you an opportunity to get a free bird.

Roasted, brined, or fried—if it's free, that makes for an even better bird on Thanksgiving. We've all seen the stories about food shortages and rising grocery store prices, so scoping out opportunities for free food seems like a fantastic idea ahead of the food-focused holiday. This list of places to get a free turkey reported by TODAY is a good place to start.

Some of the companies offering deals for a free turkey include:

  • BJ's Wholesale: At this warehouse chain, you can get a free turkey plus $10 credit when you spend $100 on qualifying items through November 24. Depending on the ingredients you need to make your Thanksgiving feast happen, spending $100 to get your free main course might be worth it.
  • Foodtown: If you live on the east coast and happen to be a card-carrying Foodtown Club member, you can spend $400 there by Thanksgiving Day and score a free frozen turkey (10 to 20 pounds). Spending $400 for frozen poultry does seem like a pretty big ask, so I would only recommend this to people who are down to drop serious money on a one-day meal. (If you're hosting a huge group, for example.)
  • Ibotta: This offer stands out from the rest because it has the potential to score you even more than just free protein. With Ibotta, you could get 100% cash back for your Thanksgiving purchases at Walmart as long as you get the Ibotta browser extension or app, and link your Walmart Online account. You can get the full details for the Free Thanksgiving Dinner program here.
  • ShopRite: Once again, if you're not afraid to spend serious dough on Thanksgiving, ShopRite will give you a frozen turkey (up to 21 pounds) or a ham, turkey breast, kosher chicken, or even a Tofurky when you spend $400 and use your club card through November 25.
  • In conclusion, the best way to defend yourself against major Thanksgiving day stress is to come at it with a good offense—which means prepare, prepare, prepare. Check out the full list of Thanksgiving turkey deals on TODAY.