Kindly Taco Bell Employee Mends A Broken Heart With Free Food

A Cheesy Gordita Crunch is the best cure for heartbreak.

Hard breakups are sometimes inevitable. And right afterwards, most of us need some form of comfort. One TikTok user, @hereforyoutowastemytime (whose real name is Annely Elizibeth), recently found herself at a Taco Bell drive-thru following a bad night that included a breakup. The restaurant was temporarily closed for drive-thru orders for 25 minutes in order to catch up on third-party deliveries. But once she mentioned that she was having a rough time, a kind Taco Bell employee made an exception and got her everything she needed and more. In the Know has the story.

The tear-streaked TikToker explains her story in this video. After being informed of the 25-minute delay, she told the employee that she was choosing to wait out the 25-minute delay because she was depressed and all she wanted was some Taco Bell. The employee allegedly responded, "What do you want? Baby girl, I'm going to hook it up for free."

She then holds up a bag full of food and a large drink, which is way more than the single Cheesy Gordita Crunch she'd initially come for. She gave the specific location, in Temple Terrace, Florida, a shoutout at the end of the video.

I know it's hard to tell sometimes whether or not a story told through a TikTok video is real, but this one seems genuine, even to my cold, shriveled heart. The last time I went to Taco Bell, which was to try the limited-time-only chicken wings, I remember that the employee was so nice to me that it made my day better. And when I was a restaurant employee, if I knew someone was having a crummy day, I'd either make them some extra food or treat them to a drink or dessert. Everyone's human and we all need a little extra attention sometimes.

At the end of the video, Elizibeth says that the gesture by the Taco Bell employee was "the first step in my healing process." Hey, if the first thing to get you on your way is a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, then so be it. I know it may not seem like it, but most of the time, restaurant workers really are keeping tabs on you to make sure you're doing okay.