Is Froot Loops Pizza Just Plain Loopy?

Fong's Pizza in Des Moines, Iowa, has been known for its crab rangoon pizza for years. I have been interested in trying it since I heard of its existence. Cream cheese, fake crab, what's not to love? But a new pizza on its menu has the internet buzzing, and it's because of... Froot Loops? The Des Moines Register has the story.


The pizza is simple: pizza dough topped with cream cheese frosting, mozzarella, and Froot Loops, with a drizzle of yogurt and condensed milk. It's served with a sour cream and cream cheese sauce. Fong's calls it Loopy Fruits, which is the most subtle nod I've ever seen. It's considered a breakfast pizza. I guess I never thought of breakfast pizza having cereal on it. Eggs, bacon, and sausage, sure, but never sweet cereal. It's sort of in the same vein as dessert pizza, which I'm still sort of on the fence about. I'm used to those being Nutella or frosting-based with stuff like candy or fruit on top, but the Loopy Fruits kinda takes the whole thing in a different direction with the inclusion of mozzarella. Cheese and cereal? We're breaking boundaries here, people.


Most reactions online have been cheeky, like this tweet from New Jersey's official Twitter account (which is not shy about sharing its opinions about pizza):

"Stick to corn," New Jersey advised pithily.

Here's another from an Actual Iowan, Lyz Lenz, based in Cedar Rapids:

"I would do anything for love," she wrote, "but I won't do that."

I have a feeling there's been outrage among the pizzamaking community as well, but I haven't dared poll my former industry colleagues for fear that I'd let loose a torrent of ranting. The pizza industry gets riled up pretty easily. What about you? How do you feel about a Fruit Loop pizza? Pardon me. I meant Loopy Fruits.