Final Fantasy Players Dress Like Colonel Sanders And A Giant Chicken And Get Into Fights

The Colonel Sanders character also offers $5 fill-up boxes, which just adds to the trolling.

I am notorious for causing mayhem when I play games online. I got banned from multiple Halo servers by getting my teammates to hop into a truck, then I'd drive the truck off the nearest cliff, with all of us still in it. I would like to inform you that this is a very fast way to get booted from a game. If you ever see a player named "Fart Sandwich" running toward you at full speed, you'd better get the hell out of the way.

So this particular story brings me a lot of joy, though it does feature a lot less troublemaking and more good-natured fun. PCGamesN reports that a particular duo in Final Fantasy XIV Online is going around causing mischief by dressing up as Colonel Sanders and a giant chicken, respectively. When one of these players encounters the other during a gaming session, they immediately start attacking each other (here's a video on Reddit from one such encounter). There's no word on which one typically wins, however.

The player who runs around dressed like Colonel Sanders is a Reddit user who goes by _Vard_. It's been reported that sometimes they'll go around offering other players $5 fill-ups if other players come up and ask them for chicken. Somehow I doubt that there'll ever be a KFC and Final Fantasy cross-promotion, but never say never. Remember the KFC gaming console with the built-in chicken heater? Because that was awesome.

_Vard_ also accidentally(?) photobombed another player trying to take a screenshot of the game. _Vard_ evidently stepped away from their computer, leaving their Colonel Sanders character spinning in place for some reason, and when another player tried to take a screenshot of their playing session, they noticed Colonel Sanders just rotating around aimlessly in the background (you can watch the video here).

I've never played any of the Final Fantasy Online series, but if you see someone running around, fully decked out like Ronald McDonald and threatening other players with Big Macs, you'll know I've been inspired to start playing too.