New Restaurant Loyalty Programs To Know About In 2024

Here’s what you need to know to earn free food all year long.

Whether your favorite restaurant is a local legend or part of a nationwide fast food chain, there doesn't seem to be a single restaurant without its own loyalty program. From brand-new app launches to full reward revamps, restaurant chains tinkered with their programs all throughout 2023.


When restaurants change their loyalty programs, you need to understand whether you're getting a better or worse deal. Here are the changes to keep in mind as we head into the new year—especially if you want free fries and meal upgrades in 2024.

The Cheesecake Factory

The big news here is that The Cheesecake Factory only just launched its rewards program in June of this year. And what's the biggest perk from this brand-new program? Free cheesecake, of course.

Members of Cheesecake Rewards get a free slice of cheesecake on their birthday. Interestingly, members are also able to make reservations, which is usually not an option at this chain restaurant. Also, the rewards structure is not based on points accrued or dollars spent. Instead, the program focuses on tailoring surprise offers to each customer's spending habits.



This pizza chain chose to revamp its program in September 2023, and the result was a program with more variety in its rewards than its predecessor. Before the relaunch, Domino's program was straightforward, with just one goal for its members: Earn a free medium two-topping pizza for every $60 spent on six orders of $10 or more.


Under the new program, members accrue 10 points for every order of $5 or more (instead of the previous $10 threshold). Rewards now come in tiers of 20, 40, and 60 points, at which members earn freebies like a 20-oz. drink, Stuffed Cheesy Bread, or Oven-Baked Sandwich. You must remain pretty damn loyal under this new system, though, because if you don't order Domino's for more than three months, your points will expire.

Panda Express

This past year was one for the rewards, as Panda Express also launched its first-ever rewards program in 2023. Panda Rewards is a point-based loyalty program with new members immediately earning 25% off any order, up to $10, just for signing up.


Members earn 10 Panda Points for every dollar they spend, which unlock a free upgrade to a "premium entree" like Honey Walnut Shrimp or Black Pepper Angus Steak at 200 points. At 350 points, diners receive a free medium drink. At 5,000 points, members get a free Family Meal. Members also get a birthday freebie, and unlike other fast food loyalty programs, Panda Points do not expire unless a customer makes no qualifying purchases in more than a year.


The sandwich chain has undergone some major changes in 2023, from a sale of the entire business to completely revamping its rewards program for the first time since 2018. Under Subway's new MVP Rewards program (which replaced MyWay Rewards), new members automatically earn 250 points for joining.


Subway's loyalty program centers on points earned for every dollar spent, so more dollars spent means members can unlock higher tiers of rewards. For example, reaching 400 points earns members $2 in Subway Cash to use toward purchases. Membership tiers are based on how much someone spends in a year.

Pro members are those who spend less than $200 per year on Subway, and they can redeem their points for rewards such as 5% bonus points on mobile orders and birthday and anniversary freebies. Captain members and All-Star members are the levels above Pro members, spending between $200-$400 on Subway each year.

If there's one thing restaurants love—and desperately need—it's a loyal customer. If you find yourself dropping more than $200 annually on your favorite chain restaurant, you've likely earned yourself some freebies.