Fancy Feast Releases Cookbook For Humans Who Aspire To Eat Like Their Cats

Throughout my marvelous writing career I have done a lot of interesting things and sampled delicious food from Michelin-starred chefs. I have also eaten a lot of cat food. Life is a true constellation of experiences. And Delish just tipped us off to something that combines the joy of cat food and the gastronomic delights of human cuisine: Fancy Feast has released a free cookbook full of recipes for people.

The cookbook, Petite Feast, which you can download here, was written by Fancy Feast chef and innovator Amanda Hassner (I wonder how the taste testers give her feedback?), James Beard Award nominee Jerrelle Guy, and "actor turned baker" Josh Snyder. These dishes for humans include things like salmon and zucchini with honey miso dressing, honey sriracha grilled chicken with spicy fried rice, and sage cornbread chicken pot pie. Meeee-ow!

If you can't quite catch the theme here, these dishes contain the same base ingredients as the cat food, so, lots of chicken and fish, but made palatable for cutie-wutie human owners. The release of this cookbook is to promote Fancy Feast's new line of cat food, Petites, which have flavors like white fish with tomato in gravy, and chicken with rice and gravy. The idea is that when dinner comes around, you and your pet can both sit down together and more or less enjoy the same meal and bond that way. (Something we know a whole lot about.) However, do not be surprised when your cat comes up to you and asks for what's on your plate.