The Emo Wendy's Is Everything Our Society Needs Right Now

Wendy’s arrived back in the UK with a new look, and the world loves to see it.

After pulling all its locations from the UK in the early 2000s, Wendy's is in the process of returning, and it's making a splash while doing so. Or, at least, its mascot is.

The fast food chain has given Wendy a makeover to make its entrée into Camden, a place I have never been to but which the internet tells me is a "hip London neighborhood" and is an "area known for music and fashion." It's unclear whether it was Wendy's signature braids that would have made her a misfit here or if it was just the mere concept of an American fast food joint in general that had the potential to feel stale and unwelcome. Whatever the inspiration, it resulted in magic: Wendy has been portrayed with three new hairstyles.

In June, Camden Open Air Gallery shared a photo of a wall mural that it partnered with a local artist to create.

The wall mural shows three versions of Wendy, which the Wendy's UK Twitter account labeled punk, bouffant quiff, and emo. The chain asked Twitter users to weigh in on their favorite. In response to a vote for emo Wendy, the Wendy's UK Twitter account said, "She's cute, right?"

This isn't the first time Wendy's hair has been switched up, at least not on Twitter. In 2021, Wendy's official Twitter account tweeted out a photo of the logo with black hair in a spiky emo style, with the message, "Heard My Space was back." At the time, someone responded that "Emo Wendy's is now a thing" and Wendy's responded to say "Emo Wendy's always a thing." So I guess, by that logic, we've always had emo Wendy. We just didn't know it yet.

According to a photo posted by Twitter user @yasminesummanx, the Camden store itself does have a sign with the old braid-wearing Wendy on it, but posters on the store display emo Wendy. We love to see it.

As The Drum reported, Tony Barr, a Wendy's senior international marketing director, had this to say about the new look:

"As a new brand entering such a culturally-rich neighborhood, it was important for us to show respect for the community and showcase the genuine excitement we have to become a part of it."

Personally, I have genuine excitement for emo Wendy, as well as her punk and bouffant quiff counterparts. As of now, there's no reason to think we'll see them donning our Wendy's locations across the United States, but I can dream, right?