Egg Salad Isn't Just For Lunch

Egg salad is a versatile dish. Why don’t we treat it that way?

I'm kind of a slowpoke in the morning. I never get my shit together fast enough to have a proper breakfast before I hit the bus, so when I get to the office I'm usually pretty hungry. Unfortunately, our breakfast options around the office are pretty much just Dunkin' and Starbucks, both of which are pretty busy in the morning. That, and a daily habit of either one can bog down your wallet real quick.

Out of desperation one morning, I popped into Walgreens to see if I could pick up something, anything. The refrigerated aisle has some basics like milk, cheese, hot dogs, and lunchmeat, but nothing that I was interested in using to MacGyver a breakfast together. Right next to the register sits a cooler full of ready-to-eat lunch options, including hummus cups and egg salad sandwiches.

You know how I feel about convenience store salad sandwiches, right? (I love them.) So I picked one up and stealthily ate it at my desk for breakfast. I was happy, well-fed, only spent $3.77, and would be set until lunchtime. But that all made me wonder: Why is egg salad mostly a lunch thing and not also a breakfast thing?

Eat egg salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Egg salad is mostly egg. I like eggs for breakfast. Chances are a lot of you enjoy eggs for breakfast too. Yes, there's plenty of mayo involved, but when it comes right down to it, mayonnaise is itself just made of more egg (and oil), so what's the big deal? What is it about egg salad that relegates it to lunch?


I'm telling you, everyone, it doesn't have to be that way at all. Open your third eye, stare into the great swirling ether, and embrace a pillowy egg salad sandwich for breakfast. Do it for lunch. Have a big one for dinner. Unless you're allergic to eggs, in which case you get a pass.

Egg salad is easy to make: cook a big-ass batch of eggs, dice them up, toss in enough mayo and mustard to bind it all together, add citrus for flavor and veggies for crunch, and make enough for a few meals' worth all at once. It's a low-effort kitchen task. All you need is some form of bread, and bam (thanks, Emeril), office lunch is figured out all week.

Let's do it. Let's all eat egg salad sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. It's the most flexible meal ever. Guess what I had when I got to the office at 9 a.m.?