Dunkin' Debuts Kombucha In Select Test Markets

Plus, a new summer menu: smoked vanilla lattes and sweet cold foam beverages are now available nationwide.

Heads up, Dunkin' fans, your roster of summer drinks has dropped. First off is a new coffee blend called Sunrise Batch (available both iced and hot), and—discount alert!—you can get a medium at a price of $2 between now and July 20. A press release sent to The Takeout describes Sunrise Batch coffee as having "notes of cocoa and toasted nuts." The beans are sourced from Kenya and Latin America, in case you were wondering where exactly your drive-thru coffee comes from.

On the sweeter side of things, Dunkin' has debuted a new Smoked Vanilla flavored syrup, which can be paired with cold brew, hot chocolate powder, and sweet cold foam for an extra-summery drink. The cold foam "adds marshmallow flavor to create a subtle, s'mores-like taste reminiscent of summer nights by a campfire." Alternatively, you can order the Smoked Vanilla Iced Latte, which pairs the new syrup with espresso and dairy. Mmm. Smoke.

There's some interesting stuff brewing in test markets, too, and if you're in Springfield, Massachusetts or Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach, Florida, Dunkin' is trying out something called ElectroBrew. It's not electrically charged—it's cold brew mixed with coconut water, with no added sugar. Ah, yes, performance coffee for those of you who must now sprint to the bus each morning to commute to your newly reopened offices.

Kombucha is another beverage being tested in select markets. Areas of Albany, New York, and Charlotte, North Carolina can expect to see kombucha at Dunkin' in two flavors: Fuji Apple Berry and Blueberry Lemon. Watch your back, Whole Foods, because according to the press release, Dunkin's on a mission to "democratize delicious."

Starting this week, Dunkin's got another fun nationwide release: new popping bubbles (essentially popping boba) that can be added to any frozen or iced drink. How do we think it'll taste in a smoked vanilla latte?