Dunkin' Releases Extra Charged Coffee, Which Is Exactly What You Think It Is

Dunkin' recently released a new product called Extra Charged Coffee, and it is indeed coffee with 20% more caffeine in it, because everyone loves extra caffeine!

Now, you may say, "This is silly. My secret weapon is that I order coffee with a shot of espresso in it." Dunkin' is ahead of you. According to a press release, the culinary crew realized that people wanted more kick to their hot brew and that people do indeed add extra espresso to their order sometimes to achieve this. However, the research and development team also realized that the extra shot of espresso changes the signature flavor of the coffee. I have never tried this espresso hack, but I am guessing it really does the trick if you're in a pinch.


But where does the extra caffeine come from? It comes from... more coffee. Green coffee extract, specifically. The caffeine is extracted from beans before they're roasted so it doesn't mess with the flavor of the coffee you're clutching in your hands right now.

As you can see, Ben Affleck is a big fan of Dunkin'. We've all been there, Mr. Ben Affleck.

If you're low on energy and need this extra jolt in your system, Dunkin's selling the new Extra Charged Coffee for $2 a pop for a medium hot or iced through January 26, so hop through that drive-through to get that sweet, sweet, caffeine running through your veins. Or you could opt for one of the more dangerous options out there, though I can't say I recommend doing this, because I care about your well being.