Dunkin's New Wraps Put The Rest Of The Breakfast Menu To Shame

Move over, Wake-Up Wrap. These new Summer 2023 offerings have outperformed you.

Summer has arrived, and with it a slew of new items has washed over Dunkin's menu. The latest additions include the return of a popular cold brew flavor, a returning doughnut, and, most interestingly, two all-new breakfast wraps, "expertly crafted for life on the move." We'll be the judge of that, Dunkin'.

For fans of a comeback story, Dunkin' has brought back its Salted Caramel Cold Brew, which, the press release notes, sold out nationwide last spring. The chain's Caramel Chocoholic Donut, a chocolate glazed doughnut with caramel icing and chocolate curls, is also returning to the menu. But the true standouts of this summer 2023 menu are the two new aptly named Wrapped and Ready To Go wraps: the Chorizo & Egg Wrap and the Chicken & Roasted Pepper Wrap.

Dunkin’s Chorizo & Egg Wrap and Chicken & Roasted Pepper Wrap, explained

The new breakfast wraps sell for $4.89 each at our nearest Dunkin' location in Chicago. By comparison, at the Starbucks next door to the Dunkin', the comparable Bacon, Sausage & Egg Wrap sells for $6.25. Both the Chorizo & Egg Wrap and the Chicken & Roasted Pepper Wrap use a lavash wrap to hold all the ingredients together, creating a fully enclosed little pocket—crucial for on-the-go consumption.


The lavash wrap is a unique choice on Dunkin's part, considering most fast food breakfast wraps like the ones offered at Starbucks and McDonald's use a flour tortilla. The main difference here is that lavash wraps are an unleavened Armenian flatbread and are typically slightly larger than a standard tortilla.

The Chorizo & Egg Wrap consists of scrambled egg, chorizo, roasted vegetables, black beans, and a "mildly spiced" cheese sauce inside a red pepper lavash. By contrast, the Chicken & Roasted Pepper wrap contains diced chicken breast, roasted poblano peppers, and cheese sauce in a lavash wrap.

The cheese sauce is melty and surprisingly flavorful in both wraps, but the Chorizo & Egg Wrap is superior; the "mildly spiced" sauce combined with the savory chorizo bits are what stand out the most. You can actually taste and see the bits of green pepper in the chorizo offering, and the meat itself is substantial without adding any extra grease to the filling. While the chunks of chicken breast in the Chicken & Roasted Pepper Wrap are in fact "juicy" as the brand describes, they weren't quite as interesting as the chorizo.


The ratio of protein to cheesiness in both of these wraps is close to ideal; Dunkin' does not skimp out on the protein here. Another tasty quality in each new menu item is that the lavash wrap is toasted just right so that it stays crispy and prevents the entire wrap from being soggy.

Although each wrap can easily be held with one hand, the weight is notable, indicating a well-stuffed bundle. For the price, both are satisfying and would make for a solid, portable breakfast option, especially when compared to competitors on the market.

Dunkin’s new wraps vs. the Dunkin’ Wake-Up Wrap? 

You might be wondering how these new offerings compare to Dunkin's existing Wake-Up Wrap, which features protein, egg, and cheese on a tortilla and is open on one side like a taco (but isn't a taco, because those are a whole other thing).  The short answer is that these new wraps blow the Wake-Up Wrap out of the water—in fact, compared to the new summer menu, the Wake-Up Wrap is overpriced, unsatisfying, and even a bit stale.


Just by looking at a Wake-Up Wrap next to the two new lavash offerings, you can see how sadly insignificant the former appears. On top of that, the "oven-toasted" method used on the Wake-Up Wraps dries out the edges while somehow leaving the center of the tortilla underdone.

If the aim of these wraps and other breakfast offerings on the menu is to satisfy someone "on the go," then the open-faced flour tortilla is just not as convenient as the self-contained lavash pockets. The flattened egg and single strip of bacon in the Wake-Up Wrap is not as satisfying as the hunks of protein distributed throughout the Wrapped and Ready to Go items.

Finally, the price disparity between the two is the nail in the coffin for Wake-Up Wraps, which sell for $3.19 compared to the much more substantial $4.89 options. Dunkin' has crafted two winners here—let's hope they're not just a summer fling.