Orange-Fingered Evidence Might Explain Doritos Locos Taco Missing From DoorDash Order

If you’re going to take part of someone’s delivery order, why pick the most incriminating item?

The Daily Dot recently posted about the case of a Doritos Locos Taco that was mysteriously missing from a customer's delivery order—and all the evidence for the entire case hinges upon that pesky, delicious orange flavor dust that marks your fingers for the rest of your life. TikTok user @katelyn8560 revealed in a video that she recently placed a routine Taco Bell delivery order, but when it arrived, one of her tacos wasn't there.


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If you've ever gotten a botched delivery order, you know that these things happen. Maybe your order got a little banged up in transit. Or the restaurant missed an item. This stuff is commonplace, and there are easy ways to handle it: you just contact the delivery service, let them know of the mistake, and you get your money back (though you're still allowed to be disappointed, obviously). But in this case, there was photographic evidence to show that perhaps the lack of Doritos Locos Taco wasn't an honest mistake after all.

Upon receipt of her order, the TikTok user noticed her delivery bag was opened; okay, maybe it had some rough travels—she understood. Then she noticed that her scrumptious Doritos Locos Taco wasn't included in the bag, though it was on the receipt; okay, maybe someone forgot to put it in the bag. "Not really gonna worry about it, just gonna go ahead and get me a little refund, call it a day," she says in a voiceover on the TikTok video as the phone pans over her Taco Bell receipt.

But she received a photo of the order from her DoorDash driver confirming the delivery of the food at the front door, and the picture accidentally included two of the driver's fingers with what appeared to be orange smudges on them. Busted!

"Y'all. Tell me that ain't Dorito dust on this woman's fingers," says @katelyn8560 in the video, laughing. "Tell me this woman didn't eat my tacos now!" She took it all in good humor and called it a day, but the hundreds of thousands of likes on the video prove that it's a good story she'll be able to tell for years to come.

I did food delivery for Caviar for a short period of time, and while I didn't take anything from people's orders (not that I'd admit to, anyway), I certainly can't say I wasn't tempted sometimes. I guess the siren call of Taco Bell was just too much to handle, just this once.