Don't Pass Up Korean Sweet Corn Ice Cream

Sweet corn ice cream seems weird to some, but I promise, it's awesome.

Who says corn can't be part of your dessert? Since it's summer, I thought I'd shout out to one of my favorite Korean sweets that you can pull straight from the freezer. It's an ice cream novelty by Lotte, simply labeled "Sweet Corn." (Some packages are only in Korean; look for a green and yellow package displaying a giant cob of corn, you can't miss them.)

What is Korean sweet corn ice cream?

When you open up one of the individually-wrapped packages within, you'll be greeted by a wafer cone shaped exactly like an ear of corn, even with a little husk designed at its base. It's pretty entertaining to look at, but if all you're used to is the Good Humor shit, buckle in, because you're in for some fun.


Contained within is sweet corn flavored ice cream, which you'll likely smell immediately. The scent is remarkable and unmistakeable. There's also a thin layer of chocolate inside the wafer shell, and mixed in the ice cream itself are small kernels of actual corn, which are chewy and add texture.

I watched a few YouTube videos about people's reactions to it, which were mixed, mainly because people thought the idea of sweet corn in ice cream was "weird." Come on, man. It's not weird at all. I've been to fancy restaurants that served sweet corn ice cream at the end of a tasting menu. If sweet corn ice cream can be considered haute cuisine, then you know it's at least worth a try.

One of my favorite things about food is encountering the unexpected. Sure, I love my Ben and Jerry's, but there's room in the world for all sorts of marvelous stuff, including sweet corn ice cream novelties. I only encountered the Sweet Corn ice cream snacks well into my adulthood, but the combination makes a lot of sense in practice, considering sweet corn is, well, sweet. Corn naturally has that slight edge of savoriness as well in the lingering aftertaste, and that's what'll keep you coming back for more bites until you've finished the whole damn thing.


Since Korean food has already taken the world by storm, just add these Sweet Corn treats to your must-try list this summer. You can find them in the freezer aisle at your local Asian supermarket (like H Mart), and if you're already familiar with these things, give 'em a shoutout in the comments section. If you know, you know.