This Pizza Has So Much Stuff On It, You Need Chopsticks To Eat It

At Domino’s Japan, the “Overflow Pizza” has six times as many toppings as a regular pie.

As you all know, international Domino's chains get all the good stuff. While we're here stuck with boring old pepperoni pizza, Australians get to eat Peking duck pizza, Iceland gets a date-topped pizza, and just today we learned that Domino's Japan has released a pizza with a record amount of toppings on it. I am filled with a great sadness.

Sora News 24 reports on the latest release from Domino's, and it's a pizza with such abundance that I am considering getting on a plane right now. The new line is called "Ura Domino's/Overflow Series" and features pies with six times the usual amount of toppings. Six times! That's so many that Domino's sends over Domino's-branded chopsticks to help you keep the toppings on the pizza as you eat it.

The chopsticks are also there for you to pick up all the stuff that inevitably falls off the pizza. Some of the more interesting pizzas in the Overflow series include a sausage and corn pizza, a garlic pizza with an unreal amount of garlic on it, and a bacon pizza that looks like it weighs weigh about 43 pounds. (We know a little something about ridiculously meat-heavy pizzas ourselves.)

While chopsticks are a very versatile way to pick up and eat food, Domino's admits it's a novel idea when it comes to pizza, so the company has recruited Miyako Hirabayashi to teach diners the proper etiquette to use when eating the Domino's Overflow pizzas.

Hirabayashi thinks that eaters in Japan are hesitant to eat spilled food in front of company, even if it's remnants that have fallen off in the pizza box. So her hope is to show people that they can scoop up every last bit of food that falls off a slice. Chopsticks, fingers, forks, one of those long grabby claw things—you name it, I'll use it.

Maybe in order to simulate a Domino's Overflow Pizza at home, I'll just call up the nearest location and see what they say when I ask for six times the amount of usual toppings. I'll supply my own chopsticks.