Let Us Celebrate The Joys Of Getting Extra Food From Restaurants

Why not appreciate the little extras that life drops in our laps?

My fellow Takeout staff writer Lillian Stone recently made us aware of a Twitter thread which references a Reddit thread, /r/deliciouscompliance. (The internet is a rich tapestry.) It sounds funny, but it's actually pretty heartwarming in a food-related way, and we can always use a little bit of joy in our lives. As much crap as the internet stirs on a regular basis, sometimes there's good things to share out there.


The Twitter thread is about the joys of getting small extras from your restaurant order. It's mainly focused on condiments, but any extra food is always nice. For example, my sister excitedly texted me the other day after she got three free tacos tacked onto her Taco Bell haul. (Let's conveniently ignore the fact that someone probably ended up missing three of the tacos they bought.) Her joy was palpable. And hey, last night, I got an extra piece of fried chicken with my order from a local restaurant—it was even a thigh. You know how I feel about chicken thighs.

I think the biggest scores highlighted in the Twitter and Reddit thread are the things you'd normally pay for. Multiple people have reported extra cheese sauce with their pretzels and fries which, in my mind, is liquid treasure. There's something truly magical about cheese sauce that you can't really replicate with other food.


Anyway, you should see some of these photos. In one, someone asked for extra black olives on their pizza, and they practically got a whole olive tree. And look at all these pickles!

Some of the Reddit posts are from employees who have been making these orders, and you can feel the joy they feel from filling those requests. I used to send freebies out to regulars when I was a pizzamaker, and I'm not going to lie, watching people receive the extra food was always a morale boost for me during a shift. So, have any of you gotten any extra food wins lately? What were they?