Major Key Alert: DJ Khaled Launches Delivery-Only Wing Restaurant

They don’t want you to get wings delivered to your jet ski—but DJ Khaled does.

In a business move we did not see coming, DJ Khaled just became co-founder of a huge wing delivery restaurant business called Another Wing. Launching more than 150 kitchens in five countries (the U.S., the U.K., Canada, France, and the United Arab Emirates) makes this one of the largest restaurant launches in history, reports Bloomberg.

Lots of questions come up with this announcement, but my first is, why wings? For anyone who hasn't followed DJ Khaled on social media, he's a lover of many different kinds of foods and he often documents his meals. Well, for this project, Khaled is partnering with ghost kitchen operator Reef Technology Inc. The Reef team worked with Khaled brainstorming his favorite foods, and wings happened to stand out as something both popular and easily deliverable.

The packaging and wing flavors are undeniably DJ Khaled, with the wings coming in hot pink bags decorated with Rolls Royces and palm trees.Wings will be available bone-in and boneless and priced at $6.95 and for a six-piece meal. Plant-based options may also be available in two months. Some of the eight flavors offerings include:

  • Honey! Honey! Hot Honey Sriracha
  • Un Un Un Believable Buffalo
  • You Loyal! Lemon Pepper (one of Khaled's favorites)
  • They Don't Want You to Win Truffalo
  • If you were on Snapchat in 2015, you definitely saw or read about the time DJ Khaled got stranded on his jet ski and documented the entire thing with life-coach positivity as if he wasn't lost at sea. Probably as a nod to that infamous incident, some locations will be making deliveries by jet ski. "We're going to do it different. Not only do we deliver by land, but we will be delivering by sea, with jet ski's offering boatside delivery. We're doing everything new," wrote Khaled in an email.

    Just remember: you loyal, you smart, and DJ Khaled appreciates your business.