Much Respect To This Stork Who Stole Mac And Cheese From A Disney World Guest

The stork also snagged some pulled pork in the heist, which was also probably delicious.

Here at The Takeout, we love reading about birds misbehaving and stealing food from humans. We recently enjoyed watching a seagull steal part of a wrap directly from a teenager's mouth with surgical precision. Then there were the ravens stealing meat and mini watermelons from Costco customers in Anchorage, Alaska. And then there were some swans in a small English town who were hooked on fast food. Oh, yeah—and we can't forget how some Australian cockatoos managed to teach each other how to open garbage cans in order to score forbidden human food.

So it should be no surprise to you that we've found yet another story of a bird yanking food from people. This time, it was at Disney World in—where else?—the park's Animal Kingdom. (I've never been to Disney World, but so many people love the place. I'm sure I'd find something fun there, like thieving birds.)

Inside the Magic, a site about all things Disney, told the tale of a guest at Disney restaurant Flame Tree Barbecue. The guest was reportedly enjoying a serving of pulled pork mac and cheese when a confident bird suddenly swooped on in and helped itself to their meal.

Per Inside the Magic, the bird forced its way onto the fully occupied table and managed to eat some of the mac and cheese before a Disney cast member intervened and shooed their new feathered friend (or nemesis) away. The bird chowed down on about a quarter of the plate before it flew off. Here's the best part: guests at that particular table weren't alone in falling victim to a flying robber. Apparently it happened nine other times within an hour. Nine times?! Holy crap!

The guest was offered a free replacement, and probably spent the rest of their time staring up at the sky for more dive bombers. If and when I visit, I think I'll wear a helmet and a full suit of armor to keep the birds at bay.