Which Discontinued Girl Scout Cookie Do You Miss The Most?

There's a whopping 51 varieties of Girl Scout Cookies that are likely never to return.

I'm seeing photos on social media of friends who have been receiving their Girl Scout cookie hauls, and the excitement is palpable. I'm eagerly awaiting mine, including the newest flavor I was able to try last year, Adventurefuls. CNET published a list of facts that you might not know about the beloved seasonal cookies, and one big thing I noticed was that 51 varieties of Girl Scout cookies have been discontinued over the years.

51?! That's 20 more flavors than Baskin Robbins carries at any one given time! The most recent cookie to take a dirt nap was the Thanks-A-Lot. It was discontinued last year and replaced with the Toast-Yay! (which I missed out on, bummer). It had been around for 15 years, and off the top of my head, and I'd never once tried it. The Thanks-A-Lot was a shortbread cookie dipped in fudge, carrying "thank you" messages in multiple languages.

The whole list can be found here, but there's a few standouts that I wish I would have been able to try, like:

  • Chocolate Chunks, which were available from 1979-1981. It was an old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie. Now I realize that sounds pretty unremarkable on paper, but come on, isn't the idea of a Girl Scout chocolate chip cookie intriguing?
  • Dulce Daisies were milk chocolate with a liquid caramel center. Mmm... liquid caramel. I don't recall any Girl Scout cookies that I've had with sort of that novel element to it.
  • Golden Yangles were what appears to be the only savory entry on the entire list, cheddar crackers shaped in a triangle, which were sold in the 1980s. Guys. They were called "Yangles."
  • Strawberries & Creme might sound like a bit of a boring pick from me, but hear me out. If you'll notice, the Girl Scouts seem to have a bit of a thing against fruit-based cookies. The fruit that makes most of its appearances in Girl Scout cookies is lemon, and there were occasional pop-ins from cranberries too. These cookies were around in the 1990s and would have fit in with the fruit offerings nicely.
  • So, friends, do you remember any of the cookies on this list? And of the ones you haven't been able to try, do any stick out to you?

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