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DiGiorno Finally Fixes Its Biggest Flaw

A new frozen pizza from DiGiorno features a thin crust.

If there's one gripe I've always had with DiGiorno brand frozen pizzas, it's that the standard rising crust just isn't it. This crust has always been thick, dense, and unyielding, and it always seems to tear up my mouth when I get to the end of a slice. Apparently DiGiorno has heard my mental monologue of anguish, because it just released a new lineup of frozen pizzas that overhaul the brand's biggest flaw.


DiGiorno’s new Classic Crust, explained

Thanks to the growing popularity of the Midwest's actual most beloved pizza, thin is in these days. Casey's has begun to offer thin crust pies, and now major grocery brand DiGiorno has followed suit with its new Classic Crust pizza, which features various toppings "piled on a buttery, crispy thin crust."


"Thin crust is the fastest-growing crust in the frozen pizza category," senior brand manager Kimberly Holowiak said in the press release.

There's a common misconception that thin crust's ability to support a generous amount of toppings is lower than that of a doughier crust—but in fact, neither style has structural integrity if it's soggy. According to the press release, DiGiorno has evidently engineered the Classic Crust to be crispy enough for each pizza to handle a half pound of toppings.

By the way, this is the tenth variety of crust DiGiorno has ever released (you can view the entire product line here). Who knew that there were so many? And more importantly, how did it take the brand so long to come around to thin crust? Whatever the case, the new style comes in four varieties:

  • Cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Meat Lovers (pepperoni, sausage, and bacon)
  • Supreme (pepperoni, sausage, bell peppers, onions)
  • The frozen pizzas are available now at select retailers for a suggested price of $5.49. Although the box shows triangle slices, Midwesterners are no doubt going to take it upon themselves to slice this thing into squares.