Tiny Single-Serving Pineapples Are Now A Reality

The compact fruit from Del Monte packs a big new flavor.

If you've ever thought to yourself, "This pineapple is simply way too big for lil' ol' me to finish," then you're in luck: tiny single-serve pineapples are now an option. Del Monte, a global producer and distributor of fresh produce, has just announced the launch of its new tiny pineapple offering.

The Del Monte Precious Honeyglow pineapple is a "personal-sized" fruit weighing between 1.5 and 2 lbs., about half of what Del Monte cites as the average weight of a full-size pineapple. The new compact fruit also brings a different flavor profile from its traditional sized sibling. Honeyglow pineapples, a trademark of Del Monte, have a sweeter taste and more golden color because they are left to ripen on the plant for a few extra days.

This sweeter variety of pineapple will be available year-round through Del Monte's partnership with Melissa's Produce. Del Monte offers a wide selection of fruits for different tastes and occasions—the company even debuted pineapples with pink flesh in 2020—but this particular product, the press release explains, has the aim of reducing food waste.

"As the world's top producer of fresh pineapples, Del Monte offers a wide range of options to suit consumer preferences, whether it's a sweeter taste, sustainability benefits or a versatile range of sizes," Melissa Mackay, Fresh Del Monte's Vice President of Marketing, North America, said in the announcement. "Our new Precious Honeyglow delivers everything that people love about Del Monte Honeyglow pineapples, such as its extra sweet taste and distinct color, in a compact single-serving size."

Del Monte is thinking about the single folk with this newest release. The produce giant notes in its announcement that single-person households are on the rise and now account for more than 28% of U.S. households. Del Monte also cites the U.S. Department of Agriculture's findings that "133 billion pounds of food is wasted annually, at a value of approximately $161 billion."

Personally, I find the Precious Honeyglow undeniably cute, and maybe they will make cutting pineapples at home a little less difficult. Who knows if they'll really lead to any reduction in food waste, but they might lead to a really good pizza.