I'll Take A Pound Of Sliced Turkey And Some Precious Memories, Please

A couple staged an engagement photoshoot at their favorite grocery store.

Engagement photos are pretty standard issue most of the time. Most of the ones I've seen involve a nice romp through a forest or some scenic area that's ripe for cheesy poses. But one couple decided to take their engagement photos to a place where most of us don't feel very romantic: the grocery store.

But why the grocery store? SFGATE reports that couple Joey Chiang and Melody Yu used to create fancy meals together during the beginning of their blossoming relationship. This meant that they spent a fair amount of time at Berkeley Bowl, a popular grocery store in Berkeley, California. And this is a sort of passion that food enthusiasts like me can understand.

"We reached out to the staff at Berkeley Bowl and they were so welcoming and supportive," Yu said. It's not every day someone asks to pose for photos at a grocery store, so I'm sure the staff was delighted. The photographer, Anna T. Nguyen, was also a big fan of the idea.

"This is definitely the first time I've ever done anything like this," Nguyen said to SFGATE. "I was really excited. I was like, I definitely have to do this."

The couple visited on a Sunday night after the store was closed, and the grocery store manager let the couple have the run of the place, even making suggestions as to how to pose. One photo, involving Chiang taking a ride on the conveyor belt at the cash register and being scanned by Yu, was the manager's idea. (It's a great photo, by the way.) Lots of other photos involve posing with produce, and one even features a ride in a grocery cart, which is a dream come true.

Since my words can't do the photoshoot justice, click on over to SFGATE to check it out. "The way we did the shoot was pretty unconventional, but it was so much fun," Yu said. "I would encourage anybody to go out of their comfort zone on how they want to document a special moment."