Salt Bae Customer Salty At The Fact His Bill Was Over $50,000

Yes, the Londoner purchased a gold-leaf covered steak.

Talk about sticker shock! Customers at Salt Bae's London outpost were in for an eye-popping experience, and not in a good way, when presented with their bill after dinner on October 8. The Manchester Evening News reports that the price of the meal for four came out to £37,023.10, or $50,945.27. Dear God. If I saw that on my receipt I'd probably pass out.

Now, Salt Bae's restaurants are already notorious for being priced at heart attack-inducing levels. If you recall, a customer had the cops called on him after he refused to pay the $2,000 for a gold leaf-adorned steak he didn't order in the first place.

The receipt was documented by a customer via Snapchat with a caption reading, "That's just taking the piss." Here's the thing: the party did order the gold leaf-covered steak, which cost £850 ($1,170), and 16 Nusret baklavas, which totaled £400 ($550). Then there were three orders of herb-crusted fries at £30 ($41), a side of mashed potatoes at £12 ($16.50), and sautéed broccoli at £14 ($19). You can't see me right now, but I'm clutching my head. There's a random Red Bull in there too, at £12 ($16.50).

That's bad enough, but the table really racked up the pounds with their beverage choices. This included a vintage 1996 bottle of Petrus wine, which was £9,100 ($1,250), and two bottles of 2003 Petrus at £9,950 ($13,690, holy shit) each. Did I say I was clutching my head? That's weird, because now I'm pulling all my hair out. Congratulations to me, now I'm bald.

You can see the screenshot of the receipt here on Reddit, where inevitably, commenters had some stuff to say.

One commenter said, "You spent total £1536 on food which before you add the other drinks is less than the two bottles of rose for £1620. That's close to only 4% of the total bill for your 'meal' at a 'restaurant', so really this is a receipt of a £30,000+ bar tab.... Plus nibbles."

My favorite comment, however, is the one that says, "Who the fuck would pound a red bull in the middle of these meals?" The answer is me. I'd need some energy to start my new second job as dishwasher at Salt Bae's restaurant in order to pay for my portion of the meal.

Anyway, we love our Salt Bae news. I'm sure we'll be adding this one to his growing slideshow. We're watching some legendary shit happen. And, by the way, when is he finally going to legally change his name to Salt Bae? That really needs to happen.