A New Yorker Visits Culver's For The First Time And Comes Away With The Right Conclusion

This just goes to show that Culver’s really is the greatest restaurant chain.

Frank Olito, a New York–based writer for Insider, came to Chicago and made a special trip to Culver's to see what the fuss was about. Now, as you all know, Culver's has a place in my heart as one of my favorite fast food restaurant chains ever, and I will always be here in the Midwest singing its praises. So it does not shock me that Olito now realizes that Culver's is the best. It's the only natural conclusion.

Olito visited the location that I happen to go to regularly and took in the vibe of the place. (He makes it sound like it was an arduous journey from downtown, but if you happen to be visiting Chicago from elsewhere, just know that there's a Culver's located just off an El stop, meaning you can hop off a train and get some food immediately.) If you've never been, Culver's has sort of modern homey feel to it without a ton of kitsch, which Olito noted and appreciated.

Olito was immediately overwhelmed by the size of the menu. For a first-timer, the menu can definitely be intimidating, since it's huge and there are tons of options. But just relax and take it all in, especially the butter.

Since it was his first time, he ordered two meals' worth of food—like a champion!—and dug into his first Butterburger, as well as the chicken tenders, fries, and a frozen chocolate custard with cookie dough. He was suitably impressed with everything. (Pssst, Frank, next time order a Double Deluxe Butterburger.) But what really took him by surprise was the frozen custard, the featured treat at Culver's.

Desserts aren't usually the highlight at most fast food places, aside from Dairy Queen, which is why I'm still always overwhelmed when I dig into a Culver's flavor of the day (if I haven't stuffed myself from the rest of lunch). And then I think, "Why don't I get this more often?"

Anyway, the moral of this story is that Culver's kicks ass, and Olito's conclusion that Culver's is his new favorite fast food restaurant validates my existence as a human being. Goddammit, now I'm hungry.