Paris Has Fallen In Love With This Mashup Pastry

Meet the Crookie, the viral combination of a croissant and a chocolate chip cookie.

The timeless French croissant has seen a lot of experimentation over the past decade or so. With variations like the cronut, the croffle, and the cruffin, it seems like bakers have found a lot of new ways to play around with the format of this laminated crescent pastry. And now, there's a big new croissant-hybrid hit out of Paris: the crookie.

What is a crookie, and why is it so popular?

The crookie, if you can hazard a guess based off the name, is a combination chocolate chip cookie and croissant. It was invented by award-winning baker Stéphane Louvard of Maison Louvard in Paris.

The BBC reports that the concept of the crookie originally came about in 2022, when Louvard thought he'd have some fun with a particularly pretty batch of croissants by splitting them in half and adding chocolate chip cookie dough, baking them until the cookie dough had just barely set.


At first, Louvard's invention sold at a fairly reasonable clip of 100 to 150 each day—but when TikTok influencer @johanpapz "discovered" the crookie last month and broadcast it to 1.3 million followers, the dessert's popularity exploded.

His video taste test of the crookie currently has 2.8 million views, and Louvard says that his bakers now have to work overtime to keep up with demand. The bakery is currently producing 1,500 crookies most days of the week, and putting out 2,000 on Saturdays.

For a novelty item with viral fame, the crookie is actually not too expensive—they'll run you €5.90 each, or about $6.45. That's simply the price of Maison Louvard's chocolate chip cookie plus the price of its croissant, and even though crookies take a bit of extra labor to create, Louvard decided not to factor that into the overall price.


With the crookie taking off, it seems like there's nothing croissant mashups can't accomplish. Chicago has already sampled a Chicago-style hot dog and croissant combo. What's next? Personally, I could go for some crushi, or a nice smashcrurger.