The Fleetwood Mac Cranberry Juice Guy Now Has His Own Booze-Filled Juice Box

The star of the viral TikTok video, Nathan Apodaca, has been happily cashing in on his success.

Hey, remember the TikTok video of that guy cruising on his longboard, drinking cranberry juice and just vibin' to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams"? The star of that unexpected social media success, Nathan Apodaca, has more chill vibes for all of you, and they're more of the party kind. He's coming out with an alcoholic cranberry drink with BeatBox, makers of boozy party punches. It's called Cranberry Dreams Cosmo, reports TMZ, my favorite source for food-related news.


I've actually had BeatBox punches before, out of personal curiosity, and they're... something. Other flavors include Fresh Watermelon, Peach Punch, and Pink Lemonade. Basically, just imagine Snapple in alcoholic beverage form and you're on track. But the 11.1% ABV doesn't just sneak up on you, it straight up tackles your ass to the ground. If you've had MD 20/20, it's pretty much also just that, in a single serving cardboard box.

The drink is already available nationally in grocery, liquor, and convenience stores nationwide, and will also be available online before the month is over. It goes for $3.99 per box. Apodaca's been able to take the fame from his video and flip it into merch, gigs, and donations, and was even able to buy an entire five-bedroom house in cash for himself and his family. Damn, apparently I need to go viral too.


He and his wife, Estela Chavez, first met through work at the same potato warehouse in 2000, where the language barrier was initially steep (he spoke no Spanish, she spoke no English). But eventually, and happily, they broke through their communication issues, and he proposed to her while on vacation in Las Vegas.

"I stopped her in the hallway... and we just sat there in the hallway and I played the song, 'I Wanna Grow Old With You' by Adam Sandler," he said. "I played the Spanish version. I was kind of singing in Spanish, but I was way off-key. And then I got up and I got on my knee and proposed to her." Hey, man. Love finds a way, and apparently so does cranberry juice, fame, and booze-filled boxes.