Cowboy And Horse Make A Quick Stop At McDonald's Drive-Thru

Does McDonald’s have carrots, or maybe a nice bale of hay?

"Well howdy horse and sir on top of horse, welcome to McDonald's. May I take your order?" I can only speculate that this what the conversation at one McDonald's drive thru in Topeka, Kansas was like based on a story from 13 WIBW.

A customer at a Starbucks across the street from this particular McDonald's captured a video of a man on horseback in the drive-thru line. In the video, the person donning jeans, a button-up shirt, and a cowboy hat can be seen trotting the horse from one window to the next as they wait behind a car to receive their order. The Starbucks customer who recorded this cowboy said he appeared to have trotted away with just a coffee. If only he had lassoed that coffee—I do recognize though that is a truly difficult skill and would probably just be a waste of coffee, but if we're going full "yee haw!" might as well lean into it.

The reporter did make it clear that while this story might seem like a normal thing to happen in Kansas, it is not something residents see on a daily basis, even less so in that area. Still, this is not the first time it's ever happened at a McDonald's drive-thru. Over in the U.K. a woman was seen in a McDonald's drive-thru line on horseback as well, reported Mirror. Just like the man in Kansas, this woman ordered a coffee, but she did dismount from her ride while giving her order. Her horse was a bit more stout than the horse Kansas, so this one was able to poke its head through the drive-thru window to sniff out the McDonald's menu.

McDonald's may want to invest in a nice trough out back for any future horse encounters.