Costco's New Chocolate Chip Cookie Has Arrived

This monster of a cookie is served hot from Costco's concession stand. How does it taste?

I'm at Costco fairly often, which means I'm always face-to-face with its food court as I leave the store. I love its cheap pizza slices and $1.50 hot dog combos, and I love its $10 roast beef sandwich a whole lot less. Lately, Costco has been quietly tinkering with items on its concessions menu. It added a mango smoothie last year, which people said "tasted like baby food." Then the store brought onions back to the food court for its hot dogs, and then added strawberry soft serve to its dessert lineup. Now, the beloved churro is being discontinued in favor of a new giant sweet treat.

Costco’s new chocolate chip cookie

The newest addition to Costco's food court menu is a big honkin' chocolate chip cookie. It costs $2.49 and features a blend of semisweet and bittersweet chocolate chips. Notably, it's made with all butter.


The cookie is served warm, and if you need any indication of how decadent it is, it clocks in at 750 calories, or about the same as Crumbl's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk Cookie (760 calories, according to Crumbl's website). This dessert has kicked the churro off the Costco menu. Anecdotally, I rarely saw people eating the churro, so it might not have been a hot seller since its reintroduction in 2021. However, it was a dollar cheaper than the cookie, at only $1.49.

How does Costco’s new chocolate chip cookie taste?

The cookie is indeed served warm as advertised, and is served in a convenient paper sleeve so you don't have to get your fingers messy. It's about the size of a small hand (aka mine), so it's definitely large, and is also a tall and thick specimen as opposed to a delicate lacy one.


Overall, it's a solid and standard chocolate chip cookie, a good way to soothe yourself after navigating a crowded store. It's crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, and just warm enough for the chocolate to be gooey.

I'd happily order it again if my sweet tooth were nagging me, but I do have to say that due to its size, this cookie is more of a two-person affair. Getting through something this sweet can easily turn into a slog, even after eating just a quarter of it. Of course, you'll bring the remainder home, and I can confirm the cookie is decently revived by a quick run through the toaster oven.

You can't really beat Costco's pricing model—$2.49 is a great price for a cookie that big. By comparison, Crumbl's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk Cookie goes for $4.78 at the location nearest me. Though I haven't had Crumbl's equivalent of this cookie, I've sampled a few other Crumbl offerings, and they feature dense dough with a heavier emphasis on the butter.


Costco's new chocolate chip cookie plays it safe, and is probably nothing you haven't had in your cookie-eating experiences. I have a feeling it'll be better received than the churro was, because who can say no to a warm cookie, especially in winter? This latest addition to the Costco food court menu will easily sate your sweet tooth and stay easy on your wallet—which is exactly what you want after a bulk shopping trip.