Costco Brings Back A Fall Favorite, And Yes, It's Pumpkin Spiced

Hint: it's a baked good, shaped like a loaf, mostly because it is a loaf.

Costco fans, this one's for you: As yet another sign that we're all consumed by our love of fall-related stuff, the warehouse giant has whipped out an old fan favorite bakery item that people are getting excited about. It's the pumpkin spice loaf, which will match your pumpkin-spice sweaters, Kirkland Signature brand pants, and overall lifestyle. Eat This, Not That has the scoop.


Costco fan account @costcosisters (75,000 followers and counting) posted a picture of the product on Instagram last month:

And yup, that's a giant cream-cheese-frosted loaf that'll feed you for $7.99. The thing weighs more than two pounds (after all, it is Costco), which leaves you a whole lot of loaf to gobble down with some coffee or other pumpkin spiced beverage.

Now, some of you are probably thinking, "Oh, that's just some more pumpkin stuff, blah." But hey, people on Reddit say it's pretty good, especially if you heat it up in the microwave. (Just be careful not to microwave it in its foil packaging!)

The giant pumpkin pies from Costco are also back in stores, in case you want to celebrate Thanksgiving over a month early. Hell, maybe you can make a sandwich using two slices of pumpkin loaf with a pie-slice filling to become the champion of the autumnal universe. The pumpkin streusel muffins have made their triumphant return as well, as you might have guessed from all these seasonal releases.


All this excitement reminds me of the stir caused by the return of Costco's cinnamon rolls earlier this year. Honestly, I still think the rotisserie chicken will always be my favorite, since it's so damn flavorful and only $5, but as I've mentioned before, I don't have a Costco membership and the nearest location is just far enough away that it'd have to be a special trip just for chicken. Which seems silly, considering I could always just toss a bird right into the air fryer.

This all being said, have any of you tried this pumpkin spice loaf or Costco's other weighty pumpkin treats? Would you recommend them to a guy looking for any excuse to go buy some rotisserie chicken?