A Call On Social Media Helps A Cookie Chain Find Its First Customer 22 Years Later

In today's dose of nice news, the owners of Tiff's Treats, a cookie chain in Texas, wanted to make their 22nd year of being in business special by finding their first paying customer ever and celebrating with her. As you can imagine, this was a bit of a challenge. A lot happens in 22 years, .

Tiff's Treats started in 1999 when Tiffany Chen, then a student at the University of Texas-Austin, baked her boyfriend Leon a batch of cookies to apologize for standing him up on a date. Nice save, Tiffany. The cookie strategy worked; they're married and have a set of twins now.

Leon loved the cookies, and they decided to open a business. After putting up signs all over campus, the two waited for their first order to come in. After three days of silence, they got their first paying customer, who was buying a batch for her boyfriend. Fast forward to now, and all they had to track her down with was the old dorm's address, the fact that she had blonde hair, and that her first name was Amy. Cue the call to social media. The information started flooding in like crazy, Yahoo!Life reports.

Most of the leads ended up being a bust, but they heard from a woman who thought Amy was her best friend's sister, who had lived in that dorm in that timeframe. But the lead ended in Europe, so getting a hold of this possible match was a process. After some back-and-forth contact, the search was over: this was the Amy. The Chens are protecting Amy's privacy, but she's married to a Green Beret and they have two children together. (And no, it wasn't the same person Amy was seeing at the time. Apparently that guy didn't even bother to share the cookies with her.)

Tiff's offered Amy a year's worth of free cookies, which she decided to pass it off to a local non-profit, Foster Angels of Central Texas. All's well that ends well.