Churros Are Coming Back To Your Costco Food Court

Ah yes, the mystical landscape of the Costco food court, the oasis where weary shoppers can refuel themselves after a long and arduous afternoon of collecting a month's supply of everything. It is home to many delights, such as big-ass pizza, big-ass hot dogs, and in a triumphant return, big-ass churros. Nature is healing, we are the virus.


Yahoo reports that after removing the popular snack from the food court last year, Costco is indeed bringing churros back. The price has risen to $1.49 (from $1), but the churros are bigger. And you will have to carry the churro out of the store before you eat it.

I think the last time I had a churro was at a baseball game, and it's been a long time since I've been to a baseball game. I always think, "This'll be fine," then I take my first bite and say to myself, "Dennis, you idiot, these are awesome. Eat more of them." Then the sands of time pass, I forget, and the churro cycle begins anew.

Delish reports that there is also a big-ass brownie on sale at Costco, weighing in at over 60 ounces (that's over three pounds of brownie, fools), if you are inclined to pound down churros and brownies with reckless abandon. You're in the right place to get a bulk amount of milk to follow that up, too.


Currently, from the old food court menu, the hot turkey and provolone sandwich has yet to return from the land of dead Costco delights, as well as the acai bowl, neither item of which I've really heard too much about. I also remember when the release of a new Costco burger was a big deal (is that still on the menu?).