Christina Tosi To Host A Competitive Baking Show, Achieves World Domination

Bake Squad premieres August 11 on Netflix, and there will be cake and tears.

I feel like at some point in any famous chef's career, they're obliged to make appearances on television, or they're awarded their own show altogether. It's either some introspective slow motion affair with classical music playing the whole time, or in pastry chef Christina Tosi's case, yet another baking competition where everyone gets frantic at the end to finish up their item. There's always one interview where one of the contestants is crying for some reason.


Tosi's new show, coming out on August 11 on Netflix, is called Bake Squad. It has most of the competitive elements you're familiar with if you've ever seen The Great British Baking Show or any of the baking game shows on Food Network. A press release from Netflix gave us the rundown.

Here's the trailer, which is full of fun, bright colors, and lots of cake:

Tosi, in case you didn't know, rose to fame as pastry chef at Momofuku's Milk Bar. One of the items she made that catapulted her into the spotlight was an item formerly named "Crack Pie," which was eventually renamed Milk Bar Pie (addiction is a serious matter, everyone). It was a decadent gooey creation that eventually even made its way onto Target shelves in a pre-packaged mix. And then Tosi became a judge on MasterChef and was featured on an episode of Chef's Table: Pastry. World domination followed. And now her own show.


The premise of Bake Squad is that, in each episode, someone celebrating something big (like a wedding, for example) asks the four star bakers for their version of a celebratory cake. Those bakers—Maya-Camille Broussard, Ashley Holt, Gonzo Jimenez, and Christophe Rull—must scramble to make an impossibly beautiful cake to serve to the lucky recipient. Whoever wins the competition gets to serve that version of the cake at the event. Good times for all!

For those of you who enjoy competitive cooking (or in this case, baking), I'm sure you'll have a really fun time checking out the show. And if watching master bakers make impossibly beautiful cake sculptures makes you feel bad about your life, then don't worry, there's always Nailed It!