If You're A Fan Of Chocolate Oranges, Head To Aldi

This popular holiday treat has a cult following at the grocery store chain.

Have you ever had a chocolate orange? You know, those globes of chocolate that you whack on a table and peel, revealing slices of chocolate shaped like an orange? Those things are awesome. I haven't had one in years, remind me to pick one up at the store next time I'm out. If you're a fan of Aldi like I am, you can find these chocolate citrus-flavored treats on store shelves now, and Mashed reports that fans are delighted to see them.

They are by store brand Choceur, and come in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and even a mint variety for those who aren't so into the orange flavor. I'm a fan of chocolate oranges in both milk and dark chocolate (the mint ones are new to me), and I highly encourage you to try one sometime if you've never given them a shot. You can find different varieties at grocery stores, drug stores, and of course, Aldi.

Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds was the one to alert fans of its presence. One said, "The chocolate oranges are a tradition at our house. I place them in their stockings. I bought seven the other day." I'd say they do make good stocking stuffers, if you need ideas. Or you could buy one, set it on your desk, forget you have it, and just use it as a decoration for years, like I did one time.

Since the chocolate oranges are made of 20 wedges and only cost $2.49, they're good for sharing with family or friends, or snacking on with coffee. Maybe you can play catch with them under the Christmas tree. If you have any other Aldi holiday favorites, let us know in the comments, because there's so many treats, including a wild amount of advent calendars, wine, decorations, and cheeses. There's nothing wrong with having too many stocking stuffer ideas, is there? And don't forget to grab a bag of frozen chicken while you're there.