Don't Bid On Choco Tacos On eBay Just Yet

The frenzied stockpiling of the discontinued ice cream treat has begun in earnest.

On Monday, July 25, Dennis Lee broke the news (and many folded-waffle-cone-loving hearts) that Klondike had decided to discontinue its ice cream truck staple, the Choco Taco. The public was quick to respond with feelings of despair, outrage, panic, and, most interestingly, entrepreneurialism.

People wasted no time listing the Choco Tacos they had stored away in their freezers on eBay for big markups. Listings currently range from $10 to $900 for just a single, individually wrapped Choco Taco.

Choco Taco eBay listings are piling up

Within just a few days of the announcement of the Choco Taco's demise, listings for the last remaining ones on the market went up on eBay, as well as listings for Choco Taco–related merchandise. For example this listing for a "Goodbye Choco Taco" T-shirt. At $7.99 for the shirt and $5.99 for shipping, maybe this shirt will soon find itself in the hands of a satisfied customer.


It's evident some Choco Taco fans are trying to stock up on the frozen treats while they still can. One listing on eBay has a box of 24 Choco Tacos priced at $140.50 (plus $9.85 for expedited shipping) with six bids already in place. The most recent bid gives the exact asking price. Another listing has 25 Choco tacos listed for $152.50 and has one bidder already willing to pay that exact price.

Where to get the last of the Choco Tacos

For the Choco Taco fan who just wants one last experience with their favorite ice cream truck treat, a single Choco Taco can be purchased on eBay for $10, just around a $7 markup from the usual price of $2.59 (per my local Instacart listings). Yes, you read that right. Despite the fact that people are listing boxes of Choco Tacos on eBay like it's the end of days, a supply of the ice cream treat is still available out there in stores. "While supplies last," as they say.


Not that I want to encourage an early-quarantine-style hoarding mentality (we all remember the toilet paper disaster, right?), but I recommend checking your local grocery stores and delivery apps (like Gopuff) before you start bidding on eBay's dry-ice-packed supply. You might just get lucky and find the world's last Choco Taco sitting in a freezer at your local dollar store.