Chipotle's 'TikTok Hack' Quesadilla Is Terrific, Except For One Thing

After tons of TikTok users tried the menu hack, Chipotle added it to the menu for real.

It all started on December 20, 2022: TikTok user @alexis.frost (2.4M followers) tried out a Chipotle menu hack that she claims was recommended to her by an employee of the restaurant. The order: a steak quesadilla with fajita veggies added, a combination that allegedly tastes like a Philly cheesesteak. The initial video performed well, but when TikTok star @keith_lee125 (6.6M followers) tried it himself, adding on a custom dipping sauce made from sour cream and Chipotle's honey vinaigrette, the special order went viral, causing headaches for Chipotle employees who had to accommodate the off-menu item. Now, though, Chipotle has made some changes to its operation and has announced that the Fajita Quesadilla is officially on the menu.

Starting March 2, customers will be able to taste the creation for themselves exclusively via digital ordering. Chipotle sent us a sample, and we had so many questions: Is this thing worth inconveniencing employees? Can fajita veggies add all that much to the experience? And what's up with that weird sauce?

How does Chipotle’s new Fajita Quesadilla taste?

This quesadilla is delicious. In fact, it might be my new go-to when I'm looking for a quick lunch. What really makes this thing great are the fajita vegetables, which lend the otherwise relatively plain cubes of diced steak some much-needed flavor.


Is this combination a stroke of genius? No. It's just grilled vegetables on a steak quesadilla. But food doesn't have to be complicated to be good; grilled onions and bell peppers provide a really effective aromatic touch and a little natural sweetness. There's just one thing we would change about this menu item.

What about the TikTok-famous Chipotle sauce?

I ordered the original version of the Fajita Quesadilla along with the TikTok-specific sour cream and chipotle-honey vinaigrette as my condiments. I wanted to recreate exactly what was in Lee's TikTok video, which stands at nearly 900,000 likes and 7,700 shares.


This was the first time I'd ever had Chipotle's famous honey vinaigrette, so I dipped a fork into the cup and sampled it before dousing my quesadilla. I might be missing something, but I can't quite understand the hype. It's just a sweet salad dressing—perfectly fine, but definitely not worth hassling anyone over.

But the TikTok video that made this quesadilla famous to begin with recommends mixing the vinaigrette with the sour cream to make a dipping sauce. I had my doubts, but I figured TikTok might know something I don't.

I made a 1:1 blend of the honey vinaigrette and sour cream, then dipped my quesadilla into it. The end result was a watery, creamy sauce that was mildly sweet, but not particularly compelling in any direction. I didn't have a viscerally negative reaction, at least. I prefer Chipotle's spicy red salsa on this quesadilla, as well as the sour cream by itself.


Chipotle's assortment of salsas, guacamole, and sour cream are perfectly fine condiments—why try to make another one? Must we pair a ranch-like sauce with everything?

Above all, focus on the quesadilla here, which is an exciting new addition to the lineup. To roll it out, Chipotle had to adjust its process, accommodating consumer demands but also making sure employees weren't getting slammed.

"TikTok has not only changed the way we communicate with Gen-Z, but it's proven it can identify areas of opportunity within our business," Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer, said in Chipotle's press release. "With the launch of the Fajita Quesadilla, we are celebrating Keith, Alexis, and all our superfans who were craving this delicious customization while prioritizing support for our employees."

The fajita veggies can be added to any quesadilla, whether you prefer steak, chicken, barbacoa, sofritas, or carnitas. Is it revolutionary? No. Is it a solid, well-executed entree? Absolutely. Sometimes the simplest option is the best one, no condiment mixology necessary.