Chili's Says Its New Fried Chicken Sandwich Will "Shame" The Competition

Our jaws are getting tired from trying all these fried chicken sandwiches, but it looks like the onslaught is far from over. Chili's announced in a press release that it has decided to jump into the melee headfirst with a new chicken sandwich of its own and a bold claim right in the headline: "The Chili's Chicken Sandwich Is Here To Put All Other Chicken Sandwiches To Shame."


This is a statement we won't believe until we actually try the thing, because it sounds 100% like every other fried chicken sandwich out there. It's a hand-battered, breaded chicken breast topped with secret sauce, on a brioche bun, with lettuce and tomatoes. Yay?

"We didn't want to create just another chicken sandwich. We're all about food perfection and wanted to create the best chicken sandwich and that takes time," said Michael Breed, vice president of marketing at Chili's. This is exactly what he's supposed to say, for the sake of his job. I call shenanigans: I think Chili's just felt left out on the side of the playground, kicking wood chips around.

But apparently Chili's chefs spent a lot of time in the lab (kitchen) trying to work out their version of the sandwich. According to the press release, development took "over a year to ensure we give our guests the perfect bite."


You can judge for yourself by ordering it in person at the restaurant (to-go orders only) or for delivery via the Chili's app or website. It's part of a $10 deal that includes a non-alcoholic drink, an appetizer, and an entrée. If you do try it, get a Popeye's sandwich, too, in order to taste them side by side, and see what happens.