Chick-Fil-A's 4 New Cherry Berry Drinks, Ranked

The fast food chicken chain has been branching out lately. Here’s where it’s four new spring drinks land.

In comparison to others in the fast food industry, Chick-fil-A isn't exactly known for its innovative spirit. The brand makes a solid chicken sandwich, but it doesn't roll out new menu items with the same frequency as other chains, which tend to switch up their menus seasonally, if not more often.

It's fifth limited-time drink flavor in seven years, Chick-fil-A recently announced it would be bringing four Cherry Berry options to the menu. Meant to celebrate spring with a mix of berry flavors, the new offerings include a Cherry Berry Sunjoy beverage, Cherry Berry Lemonade, Cherry Berry Iced Tea, and Cherry Berry Frosted Lemonade.

Although all the drinks were designed to bring on "sweet and refreshing" springtime vibes, only a couple of them manage to do so without going overboard. Here's how the Cherry Berry drinks at Chick-fil-A measure up.

Cherry Berry Frosted Lemonade

Of the four beverages the Cherry Berry Frosted Lemonade is the most confusing and unsatisfying. The drink doesn't seem to know if it was meant to be a milkshake or a frozen lemonade.

When I think of lemonade I think of tart flavors with some sweetness to cut through, but the Cherry Berry Frosted Lemonade leans more heavily on the sweet side and feels more like a dessert. Chick-fil-A notes the drink is a combination of lemonade; the brand's Icedream; and cherry, blueberry, and cranberry flavors.


The combination of lemonade with a creamier, milkshake-like mixture just does not work here. As pink as the drink is, I would have thought there was some strawberry flavor in there but generally what you'll taste is cherry and little to no blueberry at all. As the weather gets warmer, I can't say I'd reach for this — and at $5.59 I'm even less inclined to try it again.

Cherry Berry Iced Tea

The Cherry Berry Iced Tea is composed of the chain's classic iced tea and the same three berry flavors mentioned above. This drink manages to taste sweet without a sickly, syrupy feel but the flavors are so subtle it doesn't wow me.


Although I'm not a frequent sweet tea drinker, this beverage definitely feels like sitting on a front porch in a rocking chair, taking in the sunshine and a light breeze. Unfortunately, the cherry, blueberry, and cranberry flavors are not prominent at all and mostly just blend together for an overall sweetness that doesn't allow any specific fruit flavors to shine.

The main reason this drink doesn't have higher placement on this ranking is the simple fact that I prefer tart, refreshing drinks over bland sweetness. If that sounds appealing to you, the Cherry Berry Iced Tea is worth its $2.79 base price.

Cherry Berry Sunjoy

You may think the star of this ranking would be the Cherry Berry Sunjoy, being that it combines Chick-fil-A's popular lemonade and sweet tea mix with the berry blend. However, the drink ultimately only earns silver.


Overall, the combo does make for a fruity and refreshing sip, but the tartness of the lemonade slightly overtakes the other flavors in this drink. Though not a perfect balance, the Cherry Berry Sunjoy very much lives up to its $3.19 price tag.

If you are in the market for a refreshing spring drink, Chick-fil-A's Cherry Berry Sunjoy understands that assignment. Its second place status should not be confused for failure.

Cherry Berry Lemonade

Just thinking about the Cherry Berry Lemonade makes my lips pucker. This drink is the definition of tart, and I love that about it. The sour flavor of the lemonade stays on your tongue long after that first sip and keeps you coming back for more.


The lemonade drink has the same mix of cherry, blueberry, and cranberry as the others in the lineup, but also has a dominating infusion of Chick-Fil-A's well known lemonade. Plus, if visuals impress you in any way, the light pink hue of the Cherry Berry just screams spring in a way the other beverages don't fully do. At $3.19 for this tart, pick-me-up of a drink, there's not much to complain about.

I can count on my hands how many times I've eaten or tried anything from Chick-fil-A in my life. (Funny enough the first time I craved the food was on a Sunday. Chick-fil-A is of course closed on Sundays, so I took that as a sign from the universe that I am not meant to spend my money there.) But here we are. I can admit when a drink is just plain tasty, and the Cherry Berry Lemonade is undeniably refreshing.