Chicago And New Jersey's Twitter Accounts Start A Pizza Beef

Oh, the constant and exhausting shit-talking about pizza online never ends, does it? In today's Twitter beef news, the official Twitter accounts for New Jersey and Chicago are fighting over which place gets to call itself the Pizza Capital of the World. I think that self-proclamation is highly debatable, by the way, but I often call myself the greatest food writer in all of history, so...

It all began like this:

"PIZZA CAPITAL OF THE WORLD," proclaimed New Jersey. Chicago swung back with this simple tweet:

New Jersey retorted, ""ur pizza is a casserole." And it was on. NBC5 Chicago covered the rest of the fight, which included proponents from New York, Connecticut, and Sicily.

As part of the Chicago pizzamaking community, I can attest to the fact that we're having a huge pizza renaissance due to the pandemic, and our choices are exploding, from Sicilian to Detroit-style square pizza to some gorgeous New York-style slices, along with, yes, deep dish that's absolutely photogenic no matter which way you land on the deep dish thing.

As a fact, we really do mostly eat thin-crust pizza, the square-cut kind that's flat and usually crispy. But really, we have a ton of choices these days and it's nice to see everyone embrace the new, considering how staunchly tradition runs deep here. But for the record some of New Jersey's pizza is also truly something to behold, like the much lauded Razza.

Of course, there's always some clown who thinks calling a deep dish pizza a casserole is the hottest take in the universe. Come up with a new creative description, everyone. It gets boring when you're using the same argument over and over again.

In the end, pizza arguments will be eternal, just because everyone has their favorite versions and apparently regional styles of pizza don't exist in other parts of the country. In this round of debate, however, New York had nothing to say on the matter.