Furloughed Chef Pivots To Scrumptious Dog Treats, Dogs Rejoice

As we've said time and time again, things are getting pretty rough out there for restaurant industry people. Restaurants are struggling. Chefs are pessimistic. Guy Fieri is making documentaries about current hardships.

For a lot of restaurant workers, scraping by means getting creative. Chef Stephen Bieniek here in Chicago is livin' life by making delicious dog treats, according to Block Club Chicago. Jury's out on whether or not our pets know we're giving them a lot of extra love these days, but all the good doggies deserve a good snack. These are fun treats too: they're Star Wars themed.

They come in the shape of Yoda and in the shape of Darth Vader, and are made with natural ingredients. There are two flavors: pumpkin and apple and sweet potato and cinnamon. A six pack will run you $12. Chef Bieniek doesn't have dogs of his own (he's a cat person), but if the doggos are happy then so is everyone else.

"Dogs love them because they're a lot thicker than usual dog treats and more on the chewy side," Bieniek said. "Owners like them because they're ideal if you have older dogs who have trouble chewing."

(Hey Stephen, if you end up making cat treats, I'll be right over. Nugget is not a picky boy. He is what the world knows as the Biggest Handsomest Boy.)

There's also some human food in the mix, and Chef Bieniek is also cooking up some Hanukkah food as well. He's selling some high-end latkes in three delicious-sounding flavors: rosemary, sweet potato and Yukon potato, and potato and parsnips. So happy holidays to us, and happy holidays to your puppies, too.