We Love This Cheesy Twitter Pun Thread

We promise this is a gouda one you won’t raclette reading.

Sometimes the internet is good for a laugh, and this is definitely one of those moments. After a shelf of cheese collapsed in a grocery store in Philadelphia, Twitter users took the opportunity to make every cheese pun known to man, reports HuffPost. And it was beautiful.


A tweet from Philly Plain Dealer showed a mound of cheese in an Acme grocery store, and Twitter users were quick with the wit asking, "Is there de brie everywhere?" and commenting, "I hope no injuries were in curd." Others voiced even more concern asking, "What Muenster was responsible for this?" Unfortunately, sometimes these things just happen and there's nothing you can fondue about it.

Workers can be seen in the image that accompanies the tweet attempting to salvage the fallen wheels of cheese, but it's obvious that this string of events isn't grate for business. However, the attention this tweet has garnered might help them recoup some cheddar.


Now, I have to admit not all cheese puns were winners. Some were a bit of a stretch. For example, one @jasonrmoyer tweeted, "What's all that raclette in here I'm trying to shop." And @EMS3rd tweeted, "Feelin' kinda bleu about this." The further down the thread you go the worse they get, but I guess you could say the jokes are just aging like good cheese.

Regardless of public opinion though, the cheese punsters of Twitter kept the jokes churning. Zingers like, "I camembert to look at such carnage" were followed up with "If it was me that broke it, I'd gouda there pretty fast."

All jokes aside, the shelf in that grocery store did collapse and someone was responsible for cleaning up the mess. It's too bad the store didn't have an in queso emergency plan, but hopefully, cheddar days will come for those grocery workers.