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Campbell's New Brand Is A Big Deal

It's the first new brand from the company in six years.

Campbell's has been around my entire life and I can't imagine my pantry without a few cans of tomato soup in it. But, that's the thing. Campbell's has been, and always will be, that aluminum can with a red and white label to me. So the launch of a new Campbell's brand is fascinating, if not important, news. Trade publication FoodDive reports that Campbell's has come out with a new line called FlavorUp, which is their first new brand addition in six years. Campbell's has confirmed to me that the product is out as of this week.

FlavorUp is a line of flavor concentrates that you use in small doses to enhance the taste of whatever you're cooking. There are three kinds: Rich Garlic and Herb, Caramelized Onion and Burgundy Wine, and Savory Mushroom and Herb. Notice one key detail: This isn't soup. It's not a huge departure, but this is new territory for Campbell's.

This is just in time for sweater weather, when people start using flavors such as those to create stews and soups. Some of them, like caramelized onion, can take a long time to develop in a home kitchen. Having a handy flavor booster ready to go for a quick soup or sauce could prove useful for home cooks looking for easy shortcuts.

Linda Lee, who is chief marketing officer of Campbell's U.S. Meals and Beverage division, says via FoodDive, "We've seen at-home cooking occasions continue to stay above pre-pandemic levels while Americans' lives continue to get busier." It "is the newest way to cook up concentrated flavor with just a squeeze, while elevating meals quickly and affordably."

I have to admit, while our dining out habits are increasing a little bit for now, I'll probably hang out at home more often soon. I've been doing a lot of home cooking and will only end up doing more during fall and winter, as the idea of hanging out in a crowded indoor space still doesn't seem terribly wise to me. Campbell's is betting on that too.

The new products are out nationwide via Amazon at a suggested retail price of $4.59. Campbells also informed me that the product will be placed in the dry seasoning aisle, not the canned soups and broth aisle, which is also uncharted territory for the brand. Is this a new era for Campbell's? We'll have to see. The red and white cans will always be there, but maybe we'll be seeing more colors from them in the future.