Buzzfeed Kicks Off Thanksgiving With This Polarizing Food Quiz

I haven't taken one of these BuzzFeed quizzes in years, but here's one from yesterday, regarding strong opinions on food that people occasionally (okay, constantly) argue about. I guess this is safer than stoking any conversations about politics.


Not all the questions are what I'd consider controversial. Take the opener, for example: "Is cheesecake a cake?" I mean, it's got the word cake in the name. I think it's a cake. What's the alternative? A pie? Well, wait. Suddenly I could see it being fairly called a pie, especially if it's a filled shell of some sort, though there are the varieties of cheesecake that only have a bottom crust and no shell. Now I'm second-guessing myself. Maybe it is a pie and Big Cheesecake is messing with my head. Either way, I love cheesecake and I'd easily consider it a breakfast food, whether or not that's an option on this quiz.

How about deep dish pizza? Is deep dish pizza a pie? As a pizzamaker, I got really sick of questions about deep dish, including whether it's a pie, a casserole, or whether or not it's even pizza (I am in the pizza camp, leave me alone). I don't understand why people get so bent out of shape about it. From my Chicagoan perspective, it seems like we don't care as much as New Yorkers, who seem to rile themselves up about this question all the time, unprompted.


And then there's the whole "Is a hot dog a sandwich?" question, another timeless question and one that we have dedicated too much brain space to on The Takeout. The latest person to share their opinion was Molly Yeh, cookbook author and Food Network TV show host. We've also asked Lil Jon the question, a fact I'm fixated upon right now.

When you submit your answers to the BuzzFeed quiz, you'll get to see what other people chose. Feel free to argue about it below.