Would You Buy Pre-Dyed Easter Eggs?

These colorful Easter eggs, available at Costco, have people perplexed.

Easter falls on March 31 this year, which means people are stocking up on wicker baskets, chocolate, and egg dyeing kits right about now. Egg dyeing is a fun process, but it can admittedly take a while, and it's tedious, messy work—so naturally, some businesses are looking to capitalize on a solution. One Reddit user captured a photo of pre-dyed, refrigerated Easter eggs for sale at their local Costco, and some people are left questioning not only the eggs' purpose, but their odd color palette.

Costco’s pre-dyed Easter eggs, explained

If you look at the photo from the Reddit thread, you'll notice that the cheerful spring pastel colors we associate with Easter aren't present at all, except maybe for the yellow eggs (and those are overly saturated as it is).


Instead, most of the eggs are dark shades of red, indigo, sort of an army green, and shiny gold. I don't want to go so far as to say they're threatening, but the deep colors do have a bit of a menacing air to them, at least to me. Commenters have plenty to say, as you'd imagine.

"These are terrible Easter colors," said one user.

"Looks like a croquet set," said another. That one got me pretty good, though I might counter that they look like billiard balls. One user did mention that it could have been the lighting, because "they looked more vibrant in person," which is fair—Costco's lighting is pretty harsh.

Then, of course, there are the people who think big business might be up to something. One user said, "Part of me wonders if this isn't a very clever way to disguise and sell discolored eggs at a premium price."


I guess if you're having an Easter party where you're going for style over substance, and are planning to use the eggs as much for decoration and something to eat later, they might be okay in that color scheme.

One Reddit commenter did have a pretty astute observation as they made a case for the pre-dyed eggs: Dyeing them yourself is fun, "But now the house doesn't smell like vinegar farts."