Doritos Booze Is Now A Glorious Reality

Alcohol and Doritos, together at last, thanks to a cheesy new spirit collab with Empirical.

Who among us hasn't eaten Doritos while drunk? There's nothing quite like the bodega-bought bag of Doritos consumed on a swaying walk home to convince you that you are the luckiest—and perhaps smartest?—person on earth. And now, you can ensure that it's the Doritos that get you drunk in the first place. The brand has announced the release of a new alcoholic beverage that tastes exactly like the nacho cheese chips.

Doritos has partnered with Empirical, an "uncategorized spirits company" founded in Denmark in 2017, to create "Empirical x Doritos® Nacho Cheese Spirit." As in, a 42% ABV spirit that tastes like a dead ringer for Doritos. The announcement was made through a press release that, forgive me, I feel the need to quote from liberally, because it's quite mind-bending.

According to the release, the limited-time-only nacho-cheese-flavored spirit offers a "multi-sensorial, delicious beverage experience that smells and tastes just like the real thing – bringing the iconic flavor of Doritos Nacho Cheese Chips into the spirits aisle."

Tina Mahal, senior vice president of marketing for Frito-Lay North America, said that Doritos is "all about disrupting culture and bringing our fans unexpected, bold experiences ... so we figure it's time we disrupt the spirits category by offering our iconic nacho cheese flavor in a bottle."

The release called the boozy mashup a "first-of-a-kind innovation for both brands" and said that the "many flavor layers of Doritos Nacho Cheese" were "extracted through Empirical's innovative production process using real Doritos chips and retaining their essence through vacuum distillation," which operates at lower temperatures than traditional distillation processes, "preserving the full spectrum of flavors derived from Doritos."

Officially, the tasting notes of the spirit are described as "nacho cheese, corn tostada, umami, hint of acidity."

The new mashup will be available online and in select New York and California markets starting next moth. The suggested retail price is $65.00 for a 750 ml bottle of the 42% ABV spirit.

The beverage will be available for preorder starting December 13. More information and recipes for cocktails such as a the "Double Triangle Margarita," The "Mary Mary," and the "Doritos Bangarang," can be found online at, where you'll also find plenty of beautiful video footage of Doritos being scooped up and run through distilling equipment.