Hey Canada, It's Your Last Day To Grab A Franken Whopper From Burger King

Don’t worry—if you miss out, you can make one yourself.

Halloween is comin' up quick, everyone! After Sunday, everybody needs to duck and take cover, because you're going to be absolutely bombarded with Christmas stuff. Burger King Canada is celebrating the last dregs of Halloween with a creation called the Franken Whopper, and today's the last day you Canadians can go and grab one.


This thing is a little tamer than it sounds. It's a Whopper topped with a mix of onion rings and french fries, which you can easily replicate on your own. Buy an order of onion rings and an order of fries (if you ask nicely, they might even combine a single order for you), pop them on a Whopper, and... yay? The Franken Whopper sounds kind of dry, to be honest. That's a lot of carby stuff stuck between a bun. I'm guessing it'll need extra ketchup or mayo so it doesn't suck all the moisture out of your mouth.


In my opinion, just adding a few onion rings should make for a pretty good burger instead, don't you think? Still, I get the appeal of adding both.

Speaking of Franken Whoppers, during my spare time, I recently combined a Big Mac, Baconator, and a Whopper together to make one monster burger. Listen, I know I need some new hobbies, so leave me alone. The result was horrifyingly delicious, which is actually spookier than a Franken Whopper. It's like I committed an act of culinary violence. I am going to need some kind of redemption arc in my life, aren't I? But nothing, and I mean nothing, can beat Burger King's horrific Halloween Whopper from 2015, which left customers with... well, just read about it.

Are there any Burger King menu hacks that you swear by? The BK menu is pretty straightforward, but I bet you could easily cobble together something pretty entertaining and a little more intrepid. Maybe you could combine a Whopper with a Spicy Ch'king. If you do, please report back.