Burger King Flattens Its Breakfast Menu

BK is testing the new Breakfast Grill’wich Sandwich at select locations.

Fast food breakfast ingredients are often fairly standard: a bagel here, an English muffin there. With so many chains setting their sights on America's first meal of the day, it can be hard to bring any surprises to a morning menu. But Burger King is giving it a try anyway.

For its latest crack at breakfast, Burger King is currently testing the new Breakfast Grill'wich Sandwich. Per an email sent to The Takeout, the Grill'wich consists of "flame-grilled" flatbread, fluffy eggs, melted American cheese, and your choice of bacon, sausage, or Black Forest ham as the protein.

The new Burger King Breakfast Grill’wich Sandwich, explained

The new breakfast sandwich is being tested for a limited time in the Detroit and McAllen-Brownsville, Texas markets only, and it can be paired with the chain's French toast sticks as part of BK's Mix n' Match deal ($4 for five French toast sticks, $5 for seven French toast sticks). While a combination of eggs, cheese, and a protein like bacon or sausage isn't much to write home about, Burger King's choice of bread is what sets this sandwich apart.


Subway is among the only major fast food brand to offer a flatbread breakfast sandwich. But since Subway isn't exactly known for its breakfast and falls more into the sandwich chain category with Jimmy John's and Jersey Mike's, it would be fair to say this is Burger King's attempt to stand out in an increasingly crowded fast food breakfast market.

Back in June, the Whopper chain also tested a Smoky Maple Chicken Biscuit sandwich in the Kansas City and Orlando-Daytona Beach markets. This test biscuit bore a striking resemblance to two items on Wendy's beloved breakfast menu, the Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant and the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit.

Considering the success Wendy's has had with its breakfast offerings, Burger King is seemingly doing its best to learn from the competition. Grilled flatbread isn't revolutionary, but it could be a way for Burger King to claim its own throne at the breakfast table.