BTS Streams Video Of Melting Butter, Gets Over 13 Million Views

K-Pop sensation BTS, who recently announced a collaboration meal with McDonald's, can do anything and get the world's attention. Case in point: The band posted an hour-long livestream of an animated chunk of butter melting, and as of this moment, that video has been viewed more than 13 million times, reports NDTV (almost 14 million now). It wasn't even an actual piece of butter. You are witnessing true power. Here's the video:

One commenter had this to say: "The fact that teachers can't get their students to sit through an entire 30 minute lecture, but BTS can make 12 million people watch butter melt for an hour straight just amazes me."

As much as I had hoped for this to be some enormous kind of trolling, word on the street is that there's a single collab with Justin Bieber in the works. It's called—you guessed it—"Butter." It'll be released on May 21 and will be BTS' second all-English single, following the 2020 hit "Dynamite." Never did I think I'd be writing about K-Pop on a website about food, but here we are today. I can't say I'm not absolutely delighted.

I have tried contacting the band to see if I can join as their oldest member at 40 years of age. I propose that my performing nickname would just be "Dennis," and I would dance silently on the side of the stage. I'd be an instant hit. The BTS McDonald's meal drops on May 26, by the way, and it's a 10-piece McNugget meal with fries and a Coke, along with two new-to-the-U.S. dipping sauces: Sweet Chili and Cajun. Hopefully I'll be in the band by then so I can cash in on some free fries.